Allcaps Logo Website.png

All Caps

An Australian vendor known for their lube stock and Cherry Hyperglides!
Use code THICTHACTHOK for 10% off

CustomKBD Logo Website.png


Another Australian vendor known for their custom acrylic cases and custom plate cutting! Check CustomKBD out for all your DIY needs!

DailyClack Logo Website.png

Daily Clack

Pretty much the vendor for keycap and keyboard group buys in Australia. Please consider purchasing through my affiliate link (hyperlinked image) to support me at no expense to you!

Laser Ninja Logo Website.png

Laser Ninja

As the name implies Laser Ninja is a master of laser cutting acrylic. He makes seriously great keyboard stands and switch lubing stations and pretty much anything you can make out of acrylic

Monstargears Logo Website.png


A Korean vendor known for their well priced such as the Ninja87BT, the Alu XO v3 and the Sangeo60! Visit their site and stay up to date for their latest releases!

MountainKBD Logo Website.png

Mountain Keyboards

The birth place of the Let's Tango split ortholinear 40% keyboard! Also the exclusive Domikey vendor here in Australia!

Use code THICCYTHACCY for 10% off

Nuphy Logo Website.png

Nuphy Studios

A new name in the game! Check Nuphy Studios out for their seriously low priced keyboards!

Use code THICTHACTHOK for 5% off

SwitchKeys Logo Website.png


An Australian vendor that vendors bespoke products! Check them out for some great high end products!